Holidays in France this summer: more "green" and digital tourism is taking shape

Paris (AFP) - "Get away from home".Epidemic obliges, the summer holidays of the French will be tricolor and inspired by a need of "green": the opportunity to make emerge a more "sustainable" tourism but also more digital, for some players.

It was only on May 14 that the government gave the green light to reservations "in metropolitan France and overseas" for July and August, somewhat clearing the horizon of a tourism sector affected by containment and closure borders.

And even if Italy announced this weekend that it would reopen its borders in early June to European tourists, a large majority of French people should not move away.

This is the opportunity "to raise awareness of the richness of the French tourist offer", told AFP Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State in charge of Tourism.

Tourist offices and tourist sites have captured the expectations of future vacationers: the call of nature, the desire for wide open spaces and simply space, to escape promiscuity.

- "Iodine and oxygen" -

"Did you dream of Venice? Get away from home", proclaims the Vendée.The Parc des Ecrins promises "unspoiled nature" and "benevolent tourism", while the town of Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) boasts " iodine and oxygen ".

Immersed in nature, the high-end Huttopia campsites should be full: almost at a standstill, reservations have increased fivefold compared to the week before, and website visits have jumped since the announcements of 'Edouard Philippe on May 14.

"People need to breathe, to take walks, to have space, they say to themselves that it is the year or never to go camping: it is the opportunity to live a little adventure without go away from home, "says its general manager Céline Bossanne.

Posted Date: 2020-10-09

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