The site of classified ads for new or used bikes

The advertising site offers various types of bikes to choose from among the 200 brands represented, depending on how they are used.

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“Sell your bike” is a platform of classified ads to sell or buy a new or used bike of quality, between saving money and respect for the environment.

Founded in 2020, the website “Vendre son vélo” specializes in the distribution of classified ads for accessories and new or used bikes. Available in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, the platform described as “fast, intuitive, and efficient” connects sellers and buyers, both individuals and professionals, through a free use of the site.

Just a few months after its foundation, the site’s traffic figures alone testify to consumer enthusiasm for the world of cycling, with 150,000 unique visitors per month and more than 500,000 pages consulted.

Selling your bike: a wide range of products

City bike, sport bike, or electric bike: the ad site offers various types of bikes to choose from among nearly 200 brands, depending on their use. The site’s search engine selects for each customer, the available bikes according to the budget, to offer only the ads that match the search.

In just a few clicks, the buyer has access to all the information about the bikes: their price, type, brand, year of manufacture, place of sale, but also their weight and size, in order to check that it corresponds to his expectations. Note: each buyer can contact a seller to obtain additional information.

Ecology, economy and warranty

With an average of 240 kg of greenhouse gases emitted in the manufacture of a bicycle, the purchase and resale of second-hand bicycles is part of an eco-responsible approach. In addition to a gesture for the planet, everyone can take advantage of attractive prices to acquire a bicycle; a means of transport that is more eco-citizen than ever.

Given the success of the platform, the site decided to expand its commercial site and now offers to publish ads for accessories and second-hand peripherals to customize his bike to his taste (helmet, luggage rack, GPS, etc.).

By benefiting from the initial guarantee of each item purchased second-hand, buyers benefit from quality products, exchangeable in case of breakage; the opportunity to pedal in complete peace of mind.

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